‘His legs have gone’: Unpicking the four words no footballer wants to hear

Stuart James and Adam Leventhal Last season, it was a Brazilian midfielder at Liverpool. This season, it’s been his international team-mate at Manchester United. “I think Casemiro’s legs have gone,” Jamie Carragher told the Covering Liverpool podcast in October. “I noticed it last season at Anfield and I didn’t like what I saw. It took […]

Dan Ashworth – the sporting director Manchester United want to lure from Newcastle

Chris Waugh, Daniel Taylor and more Newcastle United’s owners lauded him as a “key hire”. Industry insiders say he provides immediate “executive credibility”. Kevin Thelwell, Everton’s director of football, has described him to aspiring administrators as “the best director of football this country has produced”. Dan Ashworth is no stranger to being hunted for big […]


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