The sporting director state of play: Who’s on the move? Who’s staying put? Who’s in demand?

Tom Burrows Harry Redknapp once branded them a “joke” while Sir Alex Ferguson declared that “the most important person at the football club is always the manager”. However, those views now belong to a bygone era. Sporting directors are now prized commodities that excite a fanbase and garner as much attention as any new player. […]

‘His legs have gone’: Unpicking the four words no footballer wants to hear

Stuart James and Adam Leventhal Last season, it was a Brazilian midfielder at Liverpool. This season, it’s been his international team-mate at Manchester United. “I think Casemiro’s legs have gone,” Jamie Carragher told the Covering Liverpool podcast in October. “I noticed it last season at Anfield and I didn’t like what I saw. It took […]

Manchester United’s Jean-Claude Blanc: Motorbikes, star players and Bjorn Borg

Tom Burrows and James Horncastle He’s the suave Frenchman who arrives to work on a motorbike and once idolised tennis player Bjorn Borg. Now, after spells at Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, Jean-Claude Blanc, 60, is set to play an influential role at Manchester United. Blanc, the chief executive of INEOS Sport, will offer strategic advice […]


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